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Caution For Usage
Things the patient must do: Before applying Nicorette Invisi Transdermal Patch, choose a completely clean, dry area of hairless skin on the front or side of the chest, upper arm or hip.
Things the patient must not do: Do not use more than one patch at time. If the patient loses a patch while swimming, bathing or showering, the patient can replace it with another patch. Do not apply oil, lotion or talcum powder to the skin before putting on the patch as this may prevent it from sticking properly. The patch should not be kept on at night while sleeping as it may cause nicotine-induced sleep disturbance. If the patient forgets to remove the patch the night before, continue treatment the following morning by removing the old patch and applying the new one.
Things to be careful of: Avoid placing the patch onto any area of skin that is red, cut or irritated. Do not use the same area on two consecutive days to help avoid skin irritation. Remove the patch before undergoing any Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) procedures to prevent the risk of burns.
Disposal: After removal, fold the patch into half with sticky side inwards and place inside the opened sachet or a piece of aluminium foil. Dispose the used patch carefully in the household rubbish, away from reach of children and animals. Ask the pharmacist how to dispose of medicines no longer required.
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