NIKP-Zolpidem Special Precautions





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Special Precautions
Careful Administration: This product should be administered with care in the following patients: Debilitated patients [drug effects are strong and thus adverse reactions are more likely]; elderly patients (see Use in Elderly as follows); patients with cardiac disorder [blood pressure may decrease, which could exacerbate symptoms in patients with cardiac disorder]; patients with liver disorder (see Contraindications); patients with kidney disorder [delayed excretion could strengthen the effects of the drug]; patients with organic brain disorder [the effects of the drug could be strengthened.]
Important Precautions: Continuous administration of this drug should be avoided; it should only be administered for a short period of time. If continuous administration is absolutely necessary, it should be done carefully while closely monitoring the patient for any abnormalities in their condition or symptoms on a regular basis.
The effects of this drug may extend past the following morning and result in sleepiness and decreased alertness, concentration, and reflexive motor skills. It is recommended not to drive or perform activities that require mental alertness until 8 hours after taking zolpidem.
Worsening of depression and suicidal thoughts and actions (including completed suicides) reported primarily depressed patients; prescribe the lowest feasible number of tablets at a time.
Other Precautions: If this drug is administered again in a patient who received flumanezil (a benzodiazepine receptor antagonist) before the drug taken was identified, the sedative and anticonvulsive effects of this drug may change or persist for a longer period of time.
Use in Children: The safety of this drug in low birth weight infants, newborns, nursing infants, and children has not been established. (No clinical experience.)
Use in Elderly: Ataxia is common. Furthermore, as elderly patients are prone to adverse reactions, a low dose (5 mg/dose) should be administered at first and no more than 10 mg should be taken at one time.
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