Nizoral Shampoo

Nizoral Shampoo



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Hong Wo
Concise Prescribing Info
Treatment & prophylaxis of infections in which the yeast Malassezia (previously called Pityrosporum) is involved eg, pityriasis versicolor (localized), seborrhoeic dermatitis & pityriasis capitis (dandruff).
Dosage/Direction for Use
A palmful for 1 wash. Treatment: Pityriasis versicolor Once daily for 5 days. Seborrhoeic dermatitis & pityriasis capitis Twice wkly for 2-4 wk. Prophylaxis: Pityriasis versicolor Once daily for 3 days during a single treatment course before the summer. Seborrheic dermatitis & pityriasis capitis Once every 1 or 2 wk. Wash the affected areas of the skin or scalp, leave on skin/scalp for 3-5 min before rinsing.
Special Precautions
Gradually w/draw steroid therapy over a period of 2-3 wk in patients who have been on prolonged treatment w/ topical corticosteroids. Avoid contact w/ eyes.
Adverse Reactions
Eye irritation, increased lacrimation; application site erythema, irritation, hypersensitivity, pruritus, pustules, reaction; hypersensitivity; folliculitis; dysgeusia; acne, alopecia, dermatitis contact, dry skin, hair texture abnormal, rash, skin burning sensation, skin disorder, skin exfoliation.
ATC Classification
D01AC08 - ketoconazole ; Belongs to the class of imidazole and triazole derivatives. Used in the topical treatment of fungal infection.
Nizoral Shampoo 2 %
100 mL x 1's ($199/container)
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