Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special

Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special Caution For Usage


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Caution For Usage
Nutriflex Omega Special: Instructions for disposal/use/handling: No special requirements are needed for disposal of container, overwrap and oxygen absorber.
Only use bags that are undamaged and in which the amino acid and glucose solutions are clear and free of particles. Do not use bags where there is a discolouration or discernible phase separation (oil drops) in the chamber containing lipid emulsion.
Preparation of the mixed emulsion: Remove the bag from its protective overwrap and proceed as follows: Put the bag on a solid surface; Open the peel seams of the two upper chambers by pushing with both hands; Mix the contents of the bag thoroughly.
Preparation for infusion: Fold the bag and hang it on the infusion stand by the centre hanging loop; Remove the protective cap from the set port and carry out infusion using the standard technique.
The mixture is a milky white homogenous oil in water emulsion.
The emulsion should always be brought to room temperature prior to infusion.
If filters are used they must be lipid-permeable.
The emulsion is to be used immediately after opening of the container.
Incompatibilities: Nutriflex Omega special must not be used as a carrier solution for pharmaceuticals or be mixed with other infusion solutions without testing, since it is not possible to guarantee adequate stability of the emulsion.
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