Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special

Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special Contraindications


B. Braun


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This product must not be administered in the presence of the following conditions: disturbances of amino acid metabolism; disturbances of lipid metabolism; hyperkalaemia; unstable metabolism (e.g. severe post-aggression syndrome, unstabilized diabetic metabolic situation, coma of unknown origin); hyperglycaemia not responding to insulin doses of up to 6 units insulin/hour; acidosis; intrahepatic cholestasis; severe hepatic insufficiency; manifest cardiac insufficiency; aggravating haemorrhagic diatheses; acute phases of cardiac infarction and stroke; acute thromboembolic events, lipid embolism.
General contraindications to parenteral nutrition are: unstable circulatory status with vital threat (states of collapse and shock); inadequate cellular oxygen supply; states of hyperhydration; disturbances of the electrolyte and fluid balance; acute pulmonary oedema; decompensated cardiac insufficiency.
Use in Children: On account of its composition, Nutriflex-Lipid Peri and Nutriflex Omega Special should not be used for neonates, infants and children under 2 years of age.
Nutriflex-Lipid Peri: known hypersensitivity to egg or soya-bean protein or to any of the ingredients; hyponatraemia; severe renal insufficiency.
Nutriflex Omega Special: known hypersensitivity to egg, fish or soy protein, peanut oil or to any of the excipients; hypernatraemia; severe renal insufficiency without access to haemofiltration or dialysis.
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