Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special

Nutriflex-Lipid Peri/Nutriflex Omega Special Use In Pregnancy & Lactation


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Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Nutriflex-Lipid Peri: Nutriflex-Lipid Peri should only be used in pregnancy if there is an imperative indication. This medicine manufactured with soya-bean oil contains phytosterols in concentrations that could lead to disturbances of fertility, according to results of testing of the purified substance in animal experiments. At present there are no studies available making a risk-benefit assessment possible with regard to effects on the embryo or the fetus.
Breast-feeding is not recommended if women need parenteral nutrition in that time.
Nutriflex Omega Special: Pregnancy: There is no experience of the use of Nutriflex Omega special in pregnant women. Parenteral nutrition may become necessary during pregnancy. Nutriflex Omega special should only be given to pregnant women after careful consideration.
Lactation: There is no experience of the use of Nutriflex Omega special in nursing mothers. It is as yet not known if Nutriflex Omega special crosses the placental barrier or is excreted in breast milk. No respective data are available from animal experiments either. Breast-feeding is not recommended to mothers on parenteral nutrition.
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