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Patient Counseling Information
How to use PecFent: Always use this medicine exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you.
Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
PecFent comes in two different strengths: A 100 microgram per spray bottle and a 400 microgram per spray bottle. Make sure that you use the strength that your doctor has prescribed for you.
How much to use: A dose to treat a breakthrough pain episode might be either 1 spray or 2 sprays (one in each nostril). Your doctor will tell you how many sprays (1 or 2) you should use to treat your breakthrough pain episode.
Do not use more than the dose your doctor prescribes for any single breakthrough pain episode.
Do not use PecFent more than 4 times daily.
Wait at least 4 hours to take the next dose of PecFent.
Starting dose: The starting dose is 100 micrograms.
This is a single spray into one nostril from the 100 microgram per spray bottle.
See 'Using the PecFent bottle' for instructions on how to use a dose.
Finding the right dose: Your doctor will then help you find the right dose to relieve your breakthrough pain. It is very important to follow your doctor's instructions.
Using the PecFent bottle: Instructions on how to open and close the child resistant container: A) Insert fingers into rear cavities and squeeze while pushing down top button. B) Open. C) Close.
Tell your doctor about your pain and how PecFent is working. Your doctor will decide if your PecFent dose needs to be changed.
Do not change the dose yourself.
Once you have found the right dose: Tell your doctor if your dose of PecFent does not relieve your breakthrough pain. Your doctor will decide if your dose needs to be changed. Do not change the dose of PecFent or your other pain medicines yourself.
Tell your doctor straight away if you have more than 4 episodes of breakthrough pain a day. Your doctor may change the medicine for your constant pain. Once your constant pain is controlled, your doctor may then change your dose of PecFent.
If you are not sure about the right dose or how much PecFent to use, ask your doctor.
Preparing the PecFent bottle for use: Before you use a new bottle of PecFent you need to prepare it for use. This is called 'priming'.
To prime the bottle, follow the instructions below: 1. A new bottle of PecFent will show two red lines in the counting window in the white plastic top on the bottle.
2. Take off the clear plastic protective cap from the nozzle.
3. Aim the nasal spray away from you (and any other people).
4. Hold the PecFent nasal spray upright with your thumb on the bottom of the bottle, and your first and middle fingers on the finger grips each side of the nozzle.
5. Firmly press down on the finger grips until a 'click' is heard and then let go of the grips. You will hear a second 'click' and there should now be a single large red bar in the counting window.
6. Repeat step 5 three times. As you repeat step 5, the red bar will become smaller and smaller until you see a green bar in the counting window. The green bar means the PecFent nasal spray is ready to use.
7. Wipe the nozzle with a tissue and flush the tissue down the toilet.
8. If you are not going to use your medicine straight away, put the protective cap back on. Then put the PecFent bottle in the child-resistant storage container. If PecFent has not been used for 5 days, re-prime by spraying once.
Using PecFent: PecFent is only to be used by spraying into your nostril: 1. Check that there is a green bar or a number showing in the counting window: this confirms that the PecFent bottle has been primed (see 'Preparing the PecFent bottle for use' above).
2. Blow your nose if you feel you need to.
3. Sit down with your head upright.
4. Take off the protective cap from the nozzle.
5. Hold the PecFent bottle with your thumb on the bottom of the bottle and your first and middle fingers on the finger grips.
6. Put the nozzle a short distance (about 1 cm) into your nostril. Point it inwards towards the wall of your nose. This will tilt the bottle slightly.
7. Close the other nostril with a finger from your other hand.
8. Firmly press down on the finger grips so that PecFent sprays into your nostril. When you hear a click let go of the grips. Note: You may not feel anything happen in your nose at all - do not trust this to mean the spray did not operate - rely on the click and number counter.
9. Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth.
10. The number counter will move forward after each use and show how many sprays have been used.
11. If your doctor has prescribed a second spray, repeat steps 5 to 9, using the other nostril.
Do not use more than the dose that your doctor prescribes to treat any single pain episode.
12. Put the bottle back in the child-resistant container after each use. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
13. Stay sitting for at least 1 minute after using the nasal spray.
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