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Caution For Usage
Instructions for use: Please prepare the syringe carefully as follows.
The pre-filled syringe is for single patient only. Discard syringe after use. Do not reuse.
The content of un-opened and un-damaged blister is sterile, and must not be opened until use.
The product should be inspected visually for particles and discoloration prior to administration. Only clear colourless solution free from particles or precipitates should be used.
The product should not be used if the tamper evident seal on the syringe is broken.
The external surface of syringe is sterile until blister is opened.
When handled using an aseptic method, Phenylalpha Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Syringe 500mcg/10ml can be placed on a sterile field.
1) Withdraw the pre-filled syringe from the sterile blister.
2) Push on the plunger to free the bung. The sterilisation process may have caused adhesion of the bung to the body of the syringe.
3) Twist off the end cap to break the seal. Do not touch the exposed luer connection in order to avoid contamination.
4) Check the syringe seal tip has been completely removed. If not, replace the cap and twist again.
5) Expel the air by gently pushing the plunger.
6) Connect the syringe to the IV access. Push the plunger slowly to inject the required volume.
Special precautions for disposal: Any unused medicinal product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
Incompatibilities: In the absence of compatibility studies, this medicinal product must not be mixed with other medicinal products.
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