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Special Precautions
The arterial blood pressure should be monitored during treatment.
Phenylephrine should be administered with care to patients with: diabetes mellitus; arterial hypertension; uncontrolled hyperthyroidism; coronary heart disease and chronic heart conditions; non-severe peripheral vascular insufficiency; bradycardia; partial heart block; tachycardia; arrhythmias; angina pectoris (phenylephrine can precipitate or exacerbate angina in patients with coronary artery disease and history of angina); aneurysma; closed angle glaucoma.
Phenylephrine can induce a reduction in cardiac output. Therefore, care should be exercised in administering to patients with arteriosclerosis, the elderly and to patients with impaired cerebral or coronary circulation.
In patients with reduced cardiac output or coronary vascular disease, vital organ functions should be closely monitored and dose reduction should be considered when systemic blood pressure is near the lower end of the target range.
In patients with serious heart failure or cardiogenic shock, phenylephrine may cause deterioration in the heart failure as a consequence of the induced vasoconstriction (increase in afterload).
Particular attention should be paid to Phenylephrine injection to avoid extravasation, since this may cause tissue necrosis.
This medicinal product contains sodium. Each 10 ml pre-filled syringe contains 36.8 mg (equivalent to 1.60 mmol of sodium). To be taken into consideration by patients on a controlled sodium diet.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines: Not relevant.
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