Pinetarsol Solution皮得露潔膚溶液

Pinetarsol Solution




Concise Prescribing Info
Pine tar 2.3%, triethanolamine lauryl sulfate 6%
Relieve pruritus & inflammation associated w/ psoriasis, prickly heat, urticaria, chickenpox, anal & genital pruritus, insect bites, prurigo, dermatitis, eczema, heat & napkin rash, sunburn.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Bath Add 15-30 mL to a warm to tepid bath (5 mL to a baby's bath or hand basin) & bathe for 10 min once daily, more often in severe cases. Shower Apply directly onto wet skin, leave for a few mins, rinse. Patient in bed Add 10 mL to 2 L of warm water, sponge freely. In all cases do not use soap & pat skin gently dry.
Special Precautions
MIMS Class
Topical Antihistamines/Antipruritics
ATC Classification
D05AA - Tars ; Used topically in the treatment of psoriasis.
Pinetarsol Solution topical soln
(bottle) 200 mL x 1's; (shower pack) 500 mL x 1's
/hongkong/image/info/pinetarsol solution topical soln/200 ml?id=b7fd07ab-8d15-4c11-9801-a710009c7df9
/hongkong/image/info/pinetarsol solution topical soln/2-3percent x 500 ml?id=c3fdc486-a242-408f-999f-a710009c7df9
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