Plasbumin 25% (Albumin, Human) Infusion

Plasbumin 25% (Albumin, Human) Infusion

human albumin




Luen Cheong Hong
Concise Prescribing Info
Human albumin
Emergency treatment of shock, burns, hypoproteinaemia; as a diuretic; where plasma vol expansion is warranted or where there is edema or loss of circulating albumin.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Hypovolemic shock Individualised dosing. Burns Maintain plasma albumin conc at 2.5 g/100 mL w/ a plasma oncotic pressure of 20 mmHg (equiv to total plasma protein conc 5.2 g/100mL). Hypoproteinaemia w/ or w/o oedema Adult 50-75 g/day. Childn 25 g/day.
CHF; renal insufficiency; stabilized chronic anemia. Allergic reaction to albumin.
Special Precautions
Hemorrhage, marked dehydration. Rapid rise in BP. IV only.
Adverse Reactions
Circulatory overload; urticaria, chills, fever; changes in resp, pulse, BP.
Drug Interactions
Do not mix w/ protein hydrolysates, amino acid soln, alcohol.
ATC Classification
B05AA01 - albumin ; Belongs to the class of blood substitutes and plasma protein fractions. Used as blood substitutes.
Plasbumin 25% (Albumin, Human) Infusion infusion 25 %
50 mL x 1's
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