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Side Effects
Ezitimibe is generally well tolerated.
When used alone, the following common side effects have been reported: abdominal pain; diarrhea; flatulence; tiredness; viral infection; throat infection (pharyngitis); nose infection (sinusitis); joint pain (arthralgia); back pain; and coughing.
The following uncommon side effects have been reported: elevations in some laboratory blood tests of liver (transaminases) or muscle (CK) function; indigestion; heartburn; nausea; muscle spasms; neck pain; decreased appetite; hot flush; high blood pressure; chest pain and pain.
When used with a statin, the following common side effects have been reported: headache; tiredness; abdominal pain; diarrhea; joint pain (arthralgia); muscle pain (myalgia); back pain; throat infection (pharyngitis); nose infection (sinusitis); upper chest infection (respiratory tract); and changes in certain laboratory blood tests.
The following uncommon side effects have been reported: tingling sensation; dry mouth; gastritis; itching; rash; hives; muscular weakness; pain in arms and legs; unusual tiredness or weakness; and swelling, especially in the hands and feet.
In general use, the following side effects have been reported: raised red rash, sometimes with target-shaped lesions; dizziness; depression; tingling sensation; constipation; and unusual tiredness or weakness.
Contact the doctor in case of persistent and severe muscle aches or pains with no obvious explanation at any time after starting to take pms-EZETIMIBE.
If pms-EZETIMIBE has been prescribed with a statin, the doctor will order routine blood tests to check the liver function before and after starting treatment.
Talk to the doctor in case of medical problem that may be related to pms- EZETIMIBE. (See table.)

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This is not a complete list of side effects. For any unexpected effects while taking pms-EZETIMIBE, contact the doctor or pharmacist.
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