pms-Risperidone Caution For Usage





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Caution For Usage
Directions for Use of pms-RISPERIDONE Oral Solution: To open the bottle and use the pipette: 1. The bottle comes with a child-proof cap. To open: Push the plastic screw cap down while turning it to the left (counter-clockwise).
Remove the unscrewed cap.
2. Insert the pipette into the bottle. While holding the bottom ring, pull the top ring up to the mark that corresponds to the number of millilitres or milligrams needed to give.
3. While holding the bottom ring, remove the entire pipette from the bottle.
Empty the contents of the pipette into at least 100 mL (3-4 ounces) of any non-alcoholic drink (see list as follows) by sliding the upper ring down.
Stir the mixture well before taking it.
pms-RISPERIDONE oral solution can be mixed with the following: water; coffee; orange juice; low-fat milk.
Do not mix it with: cola; tea.
Close the bottle and rinse the pipette with some water.
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