Resource Ultra Fruit力源素 果萃

Resource Ultra Fruit




Firma Chun Cheong
Kerry Pharma
Concise Prescribing Info
Per 200 mL Protein 14 g, carbohydrates 61 g, sugars 17.6 g, P 280 mg, iodine 44 mcg, vit A 320 mcg, vit D 4 mcg, vit E 4.6 mg, vit K 13 mcg, vit C 34 mg, vit B1 0.5 mg, vit B2 0.4 mg, niacin 8.4 mg NE, vit B6 0.6 mg, folic acid 90 mcg, pantothenic acid 1.6 mg, vit B12 1 mcg, biotin 11 mcg. Energy: 300 kCal
High protein clear fruit beverage for pre- & post-op (clear fluid diets); increased calorie & protein needs; fat malabsorption; liqd diets; oral surgery; bowel prep; geriatric nutrition; oncology; pressure injuries, wounds & burns.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult 1-2 servings/day. Childn Not more than 1 serving/day.
Special Precautions
Contains milk. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Not for parenteral use. Suitable for childn >3 yr.
ATC Classification
V06DA - Carbohydrates/proteins/minerals/vitamins, combinations ; Used as general nutrients.
Resource Ultra Fruit oral liqd
(apple/orange flavour) 200 mL x 4 × 1's
/hongkong/image/info/resource ultra fruit oral liqd/200 ml?id=13c45f0e-8bdb-4fd9-8598-acc400806ab2
/hongkong/image/info/resource ultra fruit oral liqd/200 ml?id=df54e75f-9739-4115-b728-acc400806ab2
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