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Pinene, camphene, cineol, menthone, levomenthol, borneol, olive oil.
Each enteric-coated capsule contains Pinene (α+β) 17mg, Camphene 5mg, Cineol Ph. Eur. 2mg, Menthone 6mg, Levomenthol Ph. Eur. 32mg, Borneol 5mg and Olive Oil Ph. Eur. 33mg.
Rowachol increases biliary secretion, relieves spasm of the bile ducts, enhances metabolic liver function by reducing biliary stasis. By inhibiting HMGCoA reductase, endogenous cholesterol production is reduced, maintaining the bile above saturation level, assisting the dissolution of gallstones and preventing precipitation of further stones.
Rowachol is indicated for the treatment of hepato-biliary disorders including dissolution of gallstones.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Route of Administration: Oral.
Recommended Dosages: Adults: Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the usual dose is 1-2 capsules 3 times daily before meals.
There are no known contra-indications to the use of Rowachol.
Special Precautions
Care should be exercised in the dosage of patients receiving anti-coagulants or drugs dependent on the liver for metabolism and excretion.
Reducing fat intake in the diet is advisable.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Although no teratogenic effects have been reported, it is advisable that pregnant women should not take Rowachol during the first trimester of pregnancy.
Side Effects
No untoward side effects have been reported. A slight taste of peppermint may occur initially.
Store below 25°C.
ATC Classification
A05AX - Other drugs for bile therapy ; Used in bile therapy.
Cap (green, spherical, enteric-coated, soft-gelatin containing a pale yellow or greenish-yellow oil) 100's, 500's.
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