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Indications and Dosage
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage
Adult: Initially, 250 mcg as a bolus inj over 3-5 min, followed by a continuous infusion of 3.5 mcg/kg/hr until bleeding has ceased. May continue for a further 48-72 hr to prevent recurrent bleeding.
Special Precautions
Monitor blood glucose levels. May inhibit intestinal absorption thus concomitant parenteral nutrition may be recommended.
Adverse Reactions
Rapid infusion may lead to abdominal discomfort, nausea, flushing, bradycardia.
Description: Somatostatin is a polypetide obtained synthetically or from the hypothalamus. It acts by inhibiting the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary. It also inhibits the release of thyrotrophin and corticotropin from the pituitary, glucagon and insulin from the pancreas. It also regulates duodenal and gastric secretions. It may also play a role in pain perception.
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