Span-K Indications/Uses

potassium chloride


Aspen Asia


Full Prescribing Info
Treatment of all types of potassium deficiencies, particularly hypochloraemic or hypokalaemic alkalosis, associated with prolonged or intensive diuretic therapy, eg in hypertension, cardiac failure or massive oedema (potassium replacement is particularly important to patients receiving digitalis, as the clinical response to this drug is seriously affected by hypokalaemia), in renal disease associated with increased potassium excretion, eg nephrotic syndrome; vomiting and diarrhoea , ulcerative colitis, steatorrhoea, diabetes insipidus and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus; ileostomy or colostomy patients, cirrhosis; Cushing's syndrome and dietary insufficiency; during prolonged or intensive treatment with corticosteroids, ACTH or carbenoxolone; hyperaldosteronism in megaloblastic anaemia, during the early stages of treatment. Span-K is indicated if a diet rich in potassium cannot be guranteed.
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