Span-K Mechanism of Action

potassium chloride


Aspen Asia


Full Prescribing Info
Sustained-release potassium chloride supplement.
The tablets consist of potassium chloride crystals partially coated with an inert, insoluble wax, then pressed into a wax matrix. The whole is then sugar-coated (not enteric). The tablet does not integrate. The potassium chloride gradually leaches through the wax. The sustained-release of the therapeutically correct formula, with no enteric association, provides conditions of maximum gastric tolerance and effective absorption for the treatment of all types of potassium deficiency, whether hypochloraemic or hypokalaemic alkolosis. Span-K does not alter normal kidney function; can be used in all age groups; replaces the essential chloride anion and potassium, and so prevents hypochloraemic alkalosis.
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