Tanatril Contraindications



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Patients with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of Tanatril; patients with a history of angioedema due to an ACE inhibitor (angioedema associated with dyspnea may occur); patients who undergo LDL apheresis using dextran cellulose sulfate (shock may occur) (see Interactions); patients who undergo hemodialysis with acrylonitrile methallyl sulfonate sodium membrane (AN69) (anaphylactoid symptom may occur; see Interactions).
Use in pregnancy: Tanatril is contraindicated in pregnant women or women who may possibly be pregnant. Oligohydramnios, fetal or neonatal death, and hypotension, renal failure, hyperkalemia and cranial hypoplasia in the neonatal have been reported in hypertensive patients receiving ACE inhibitors during mid or late pregnancy. Limb contractures and craniofacial deformities in the neonatal, presumably ascribable to oligohydramnios, have also been reported.
Women who become pregnant while receiving Tanatril should be informed of the potential hazard to the foetus and the treatment with the drug should be discontinued.
Use in lactation: Lactating mothers should not receive Tanatril. If use of the drug is judged to be essential, breastfeeding should be discontinued during treatment. It has been reported that imidapril HCl is excreted in breast milk in animal experiments (rats).
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