Temgesic Use In Pregnancy & Lactation





Agencia Lei Va Hong
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Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Tablet: Data are insufficient to evaluate the effects of Temgesic Sublingual Tablets on pregnant women. At the end of pregnancy, high doses, even for a short duration of time, may induce respiratory depression in neonates. During the last three months of pregnancy, chronic use of buprenorphine may be responsible for a withdrawal syndrome in neonates. Consequently, the use of buprenorphine is not recommended during pregnancy.
As evidenced in rats, buprenorphine has the potential to inhibit lactation or milk production. In addition, because buprenorphine passes into the mother's milk, breast-feeding is contraindicated.
Ampoule: Temgesic is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Animal studies indicate that the amounts of buprenorphine excreted in milk are very low and in human use are likely to be of clinical significance to the baby.
There is indirect evidence in animal studies to suggest that Temgesic may cause a reduction in milk flow during lactation. Although this occurred only at doses well in excess of the human dose, it should be borne in mind when treating lactation women.
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