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Side Effects
Like any medicine, TIMABAK 0.50% eye drops solution, is liable to have side effects; however they do not occur systematically in everyone: Provided there are no serious side effects, the patient can usually continue to use the eye drops solution. If the patient has any concerns, talk to a doctor or a pharmacist. Do not discontinue use of TIMABAK 0.50% eye drops solution without seeking the doctor's advice.
As with other eye care medicines, timolol passes into the blood. This can have side effects similar to those observed with beta-blocker agents that are administered intravenously and/or orally.
The frequency of occurrence of side effects after topical eye drops administration is less than that observed when the medicines are taken orally or injected. The listed side effects are those observed in the class of beta-blockers used to treat ocular pathologies: Generalised allergic reactions, particularly swelling under the skin (that can occur in areas such as the face, arms or legs, and which may obstruct the airways, leading to difficulties in breathing or swallowing), hives (or itching), localised or generalised skin eruptions, itching, sudden onset and serious allergic reaction that may cause a life-threatening risk.
Drop in blood sugar level (hypoglycaemia).
Sleep disorders (insomnia), depression, nightmares, loss of memory.
Loss of consciousness, strokes, decreased blood flow to the brain, increase in signs and symptoms of myasthenia gravis (muscular disorder), dizziness, unusual sensations (such as tingling), and headaches.
Signs and symptoms of ocular irritation (such as a burning sensation, stinging, itching, watery eyes, redness), inflammation of the eyelid, conjunctival redness, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the cornea, blurred vision and detachment of the sub-retinal layer containing blood vessels following filtration surgery that may cause visual disorders, decreased corneal sensitivity, dry eyes, corneal erosion (damage to the upper layer of the eyeball), upper eyelid sagging (leaving the eye half-closed), double vision, visual disorders including changes in the refraction index (sometimes due to discontinued treatment with myotic drops).
Slow pulse, chest pain, palpitations, oedema (accumulation of fluids), changes in heart rhythm and rate, congestive heart failure (heart disease characterised by shortness of breath or swelling of the feet and legs due to accumulation of fluids), a certain type of heart rhythm disorder, heart attack, heart failure.
Hypotension, Raynaud's phenomenon, cold hands and feet, claudication (cramps in the feet and/or pain in the legs when walking).
Constriction of the pulmonary airways (mainly in patients already suffering a pathology), breathing difficulties, coughing.
Taste disorders, nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea, dry mouth, abdominal pain, vomiting.
Hair loss, skin eruptions with a silvery white appearance (psoriasis-like outbreaks) or worsening of psoriasis, skin eruptions.
Muscular pain not due to exercise, systemic lupus erythematosus.
Sexual disorders, loss of libido, impotence.
Weakness/muscular fatigue.
Positive results during tests for anti-nuclear antibodies.
If the patient notices any side effects not listed in this notice, or if certain side effects become serious, please tell the doctor or pharmacist.
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