Vesicare Contraindications





Firma Chun Cheong
Full Prescribing Info
Do not take Vesicare: If the patient has an inability to pass water or to empty the bladder completely (urinary retention).
Have a severe stomach or bowel condition (including toxic megacolon, a complication associated with ulcerative colitis).
Suffers from the muscle disease called myasthenia gravis, which can cause an extreme weakness of certain muscles.
Suffers from increased pressure in the eyes, with gradual loss of eye sight (glaucoma).
Allergic to solifenacin or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in Description).
Undergoing kidney dialysis.
Have severe liver disease.
Suffers from severe kidney disease or moderate liver disease AND at the same time are being treated with medicines that may decrease the removal of Vesicare from the body (for example, ketoconazole). The doctor or pharmacist will have informed the patient if this is the case.
Inform the doctor if the patient has or ever had any of the previously mentioned conditions before treatment with Vesicare starts.
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