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The importance of the natural skin barrier: In general biological terms, the natural skin barrier of human body which acts as a natural built defensive system to hurdle up the foreign allergens, bacteria and viruses free from entering the superficial parts of human body.
The natural skin barrier is mostly impaired by the causes of chemical compound contacts like detergent (soaps etc.) or long term application of corticosteroid creams and one common condition is skin dryness.
The importance of Hydro-Lipid-Layer: The hydro-lipid-film (water-fat-layer) of the skin has a very important function. It protects the skin from drying out and from penetration of pathogenic germs. The Hydro-Lipid-Film has pH in a range of 4-6.5. In this acid condition, harmful micro organisms like bacteria and fungus cannot exist and therefore cannot harm the skin. For that reason it is very important to maintain the Hydro-Lipid-Film (acid protection layer) in good condition. It is not recommended to use soaps and shower lotions which shift the pH to the alkaline range (> pH 7) and which have strong detergents.
People who suffer from eczema, dermatitis or from dry skin in many cases have a pH of >7. Such a pH leads to a higher occurrence of bacteria-like staphylococcus.
The special composition of WELSAN Dual Shower Oil provides a water/oil emulsion at normal range of pH 5 and corresponds to that of the Hydro-Lipid-Film.
The importance of a good shower lotion: The use of a good shower lotion is essential in order to maintain the Hydro-Lipid-Film and in this way the natural skin barrier function.
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