Wockhardt Hyalase

Wockhardt Hyalase





Luen Cheong Hong (M)
Luen Cheong Hong
Concise Prescribing Info
Enhances permeation of SC or IM inj, local anaesth & SC infusions & to promote resorption of excess fluids & blood in the tissues.
Dosage/Direction for Use
SC infusion 1,500 IU dissolved in 1 mL of water for inj or NSS. SC/IM inj 1,500 IU dissolved directly in the soln to be injected. W/ local anaesth 1,500 IU mixed w/ quantity of local anaesth. Ophth 15 IU/mL. Extravasation or haematoma 1,500 IU in 1 mL water for inj or NSS infiltrated into the affected area.
Hypersensitivity. Not for IV inj or be used for reducing the swelling of bites or stings or at sites where infection or malignancy is present, & for anaesth procedures in unexplained premature labour.
Special Precautions
Do not apply directly to the cornea. Do not use to enhance the absorption or dispersion of dopamine &/or α-agonist drugs. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Oedema. Rarely, periorbital oedema, local irritation, infection, bleeding & bruising.
ATC Classification
B06AA03 - hyaluronidase ; Belongs to the class of enzymes used as hematological agent.
Wockhardt Hyalase powd for inj 1500 IU
10 × 1's
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