Wockhardt Naloxone

Wockhardt Naloxone





Luen Cheong Hong (M)
Luen Cheong Hong
Concise Prescribing Info
Naloxone HCl
Treatment of resp depression induced by natural & synthetic opioids. Diagnosis of suspected acute opioid overdose.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Known/suspected opioid overdose Initially 400 mcg-2 mg IV. Repeat at 2-3 min intervals. Use IM or SC route if IV route is not feasible. Post-op use 1.5-3 mcg/kg IV. A full 2 min between each 100 mcg increment of administration. Further IM doses may be needed w/in 1-2 hr depending on interval of last opioid administration & the amount & type (long- or short-acting) of drug used. May alternatively be administered IV. Childn Initially 5-10 mcg/kg BW initial dose given IV, a subsequent 100 mcg/kg if desired degree of clinical improvement is not achieved.
Special Precautions
Not indicated against resp depression caused by non-opioid drugs. CV disease. May antagonize of the analgesic effects of opioids in control of post-op pain. Pregnancy.
Adverse Reactions
Atrial & ventricular dysrhythmias including atrial premature contractures, ventricular tachycardia & fibrillation, asystole, hypotension, HTN, left ventricular failure, cardiac arrest, nausea, vomiting, opioid w/drawal symptoms, tingling/numbness of the extremities, trembling, generalised convulsions, behavioural changes; pulmonary oedema & dyspnoea.
Drug Interactions
Reverses analgesic effects of opioid analgesics eg, nalbuphine, pentazocine & opioid agonist drugs eg, alfentanil, fentanyl & remifentanil.
ATC Classification
V03AB15 - naloxone ; Belongs to the class of antidotes. Used in the management of opioid analgesic overdose.
Wockhardt Naloxone soln for inj 400 mcg/mL
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