Zatamil Dosage/Direction for Use





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Dosage/Direction for Use
Apply a light film of Zatamil Hydrogel or Ointment to the affected area once a day or as directed by the doctor and rub in lightly.
It is important to use Zatamil exactly as prescribed. If the patient uses it less often than necessary, it may not work as well and the skin problem may not improve. Using it more often than necessary may not improve the skin problem any faster and may cause or increase side effects.
How long to use Zatamil: Do not use Zatamil for more than four weeks unless the doctor has told the patient to use it longer.
If unsure, talk to the doctor. If Zatamil is used longer than prescribed, the chance of side effects may increase.
If the patient forgets to use Zatamil: If the patient forgets to apply Zatamil, use it as soon as remembered, and then continue using it at the usual time each day.
However, if it is almost time for the next application, skip the missed application and continue with the regular schedule at the usual time.
Apply the same amount of Zatamil as usual. Do not apply more Zatamil to make up for the amount missed.
If the patient swallows Zatamil: Zatamil must not be swallowed or taken internally. It is for use on the skin only.
If anyone accidentally swallows Zatamil, immediately telephone the doctor or go to Casualty at the nearest hospital.
Do this even if there are no signs of discomfort or poisoning. The patient may need urgent medical attention.
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