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Caution For Usage
Zyprexa: Special precautions for disposal: Coated tablet: No special requirements.
Powder for injection: Reconstitute ZYPREXA only with water for injections using standard aseptic techniques for reconstitution of parenteral products. No other solutions should be used for reconstitution (see Incompatibilities as follows).
1. Withdraw 2.1 ml of water for injection into a sterile syringe. Inject into a vial of ZYPREXA.
2. Rotate the vial until the contents have completely dissolved, giving a yellow coloured solution. The vial contains 11.0 mg olanzapine as a solution of 5 mg/ml (1 mg olanzapine is retained in the vial and syringe, thus allowing delivery of 10 mg olanzapine).
3. The following table provides injection volumes for delivering various doses of olanzapine: See Table 4.

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4. Administer the solution intramuscularly. Do not administer intravenously or subcutaneously.
5. Discard the syringe and any unused solution in accordance with appropriate clinical procedures.
6. Use the solution immediately within 1 hour of reconstitution.
Parenteral medicines should be inspected visually for particulate matter prior to administration.
Incompatibilities: Coated tablet: Not applicable.
Powder for injection: This medicinal product must not be mixed with other medicinal products except those previously mentioned in Special precautions for disposal.
Olanzapine for injection should not be combined in a syringe with diazepam injection because precipitation occurs when these products are mixed.
Lorazepam injection should not be used to reconstitute olanzapine for injection as this combination results in a delayed reconstitution time.
Olanzapine for injection should not be combined in a syringe with haloperidol injection because the resulting low pH has been shown to degrade olanzapine over time.
Zyprexa Zydis: Instructions for Use, Handling and Disposal: No special requirements.
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