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Dosage/Direction for Use

Surface anaesthesia
Adult: Up to 1% in cream and ointment.

Adult: As 0.05% w/w ointment (in combination with hydrocortisone): Apply onto the affected area in the morning and evening and after each stool. As suppository containing 5 mg/unit (in combination with hydrocortisone): Insert 1 suppository in the morning and evening and after each stool.
Complete heart block; pyogenic infection at or near the skin. Application to inflamed or infected tissues or to damaged skin mucosa; instillation into the middle ear.
Special Precautions
Elderly; debilitated patients; child; epilepsy; impaired cardiac conduction or respiratory function; shock; hepatic impairment; myasthenia gravis. Do not to rub or touch the eye while anaesthesia persists. Avoid application for prolonged periods and to extensive areas. Pregnancy, lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Restlessness; excitement; nervousness; paraesthesias; dizziness; tinnitus; blurred vision; nausea; vomiting; muscle twitching; tremors; convulsions; hypotension; bradycardia; arrhythmias; cardiac arrest.
Cinchocaine prevents or diminishes nerve impulse conduction near to the site of admin. It also has membrane-stabilising effect owing to decrease of permeability of the nerve cell to sodium ions.
Onset: Up to 15 minutes.
Duration: 2-4 hr.
Topical/Cutaneous: Store below 25°C.
CIMS Class
Anaesthetics- local & general
ATC Classification
S01HA06 - cinchocaine ; Belongs to the class of local ophthalmologic anesthetics.
N01BB06 - cinchocaine ; Belongs to the class of amides. Used as local anesthetics.
S02DA04 - cinchocaine ; Belongs to the class of analgesic and anesthetic agents used as otologicals.
D04AB02 - cinchocaine ; Belongs to the class of topical anesthetics used in the treatment of pruritus.
C05AD04 - cinchocaine ; Belongs to the class of local anesthetics. Used in the topical treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
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