Povidone iodine

Concise Prescribing Info
Listed in Dosage.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult: Vaginal Vaginal irritation As 0.3% douche: Insert 0.3% solution once daily for 5-7 days. Ophth Prophylaxis of ocular infection following surgical procedures As 5% solution: Instill 2-3 drops onto affected eye(s), leave for 2 minutes then rinse off with 0.9% Na chloride solution. Mouth/Throat Mouth and throat infections; Oral hygiene As 1% solution: Rinse or gargle 10 mL undiluted solution with an equal volume of warm water for 30 seconds 4 times daily for up to 14 days, or as directed. Topical/Cutaneous Acne vulgaris As 4% solution: Apply bid directly or with moistened sponge unto affected area, leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse off with water. Seborrhoeic dermatitis; Pyoderma As 4% shampoo: Apply 2-3 capfuls in wet scalp. Repeat procedure once weekly until desired improvement achieved. Antiseptic As 5-10% solution, 10% gel, 10% ointment, or 10 % aerosol spray: Apply as directed.
History of abnormal thyroid function or goitre (e.g. nodular colloid goitre, endemic goitre, Hashimoto's thyroiditis).
Special Precautions
Patient with serious wounds including burns. Renal impairment. Children. Pregnancy and lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Significant: Hypo- or hyper-thyroidism (long-term). Rarely, hypersensitivity reactions; conjunctival hyperaemia, superficial punctuate keratitis, cytotoxicity (ophth). Dermatologic: Rarely, local irritation, pruritus, rash, oedema, burns.
ROUTE(S) : Ophth / Vag: C
ROUTE(S) : Topical: D
Drug Interactions
May increase risk of thyroid-related reactions with lithium. Risk of formation of caustic compounds with ophthalmic formulations containing Hg-based preservatives.
ATC Classification
D09AA09 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of ointment dressings with antiinfectives.
R02AA15 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of antiseptics used in throat preparations.
S01AX18 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of other antiinfectives. Used in the treatment of eye infections.
D11AC06 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of medicated shampoos.
D08AG02 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of iodine product antiseptics. Used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.
G01AX11 - povidone-iodine ; Belongs to the class of other antiinfectives and antiseptics. Used in the treatment of gynecological infections.
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