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Drug Interactions
An increased bone marrow toxicity must be expected when combined with other myelosuppressants or therapeutic measures such as radiotherapy. Nephrotoxic and ototoxic substances (e.g. Aminoglycoside, Amphotericine-β) must not be administered concomitantly with Cisplatin since an increased nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity is to be expected also in this case.
Chelating agents such as Penicillamine should not be administered concomitantly with Cisplatin since the combination lowers the efficacy of Cisplatin.
Due to a possibly reduced renal excretion, substances which are eliminated primarily via the kidneys among other cytostatic agents such as Bleomycin and Methotrexate should only be administered with special care during or after the treatment with cisplatin.
A randomized study of advanced ovarian cancer showed that simultaneous administration of Pyridoxine and Hexamethylamine negatively influenced the therapeutic response.
A Raynaud's phenomenon can occur when Cisplatin is combined with Bleomycin or Vinblastine. Concomitant treatment with anti-convulsants can result in their plasma concentrations dropping to the subtherapeutics range (adjust dose is require).
The combination of Cisplatin and Docetaxel caused neuropathy, which was more pronounced than that of the single agents at similar dosage.
Cisplatin exerts and immunosuppressive effect: vaccinations with live vaccines should be avoided in patients on Cisplatin therapy.
Please keep in mind that this information can also apply to drugs taken a short-time ago.
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