Colergis Contraindications


Dexa Medica
Full Prescribing Info
Hypersensitivity to betamethasone and sulphites. Patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) therapy. Neonates and premature infants. Systemic fungal infection. Patients taking immunization. Peptic ulcer.
Use in pregnancy & lactation: Administration in pregnancy can cause fetal damage. Lactating woman taking betamethasone should not breastfeed her baby. Betamethasone may cause false negative result on tetrazolium nitroblue test of systemic bacterial infection and suppresses the reaction of skin test and complicate thyroiditis medicine therapy response. Administration should be done carefully in closed-angle glaucoma, pyloroduodenal obstruction, prostate hypertrophy or bladder neck obstruction, diabetes mellitus, steroid myopathy and epilepsy. Administration of Colergis may suppress clinical symptoms of an infection. Long-term use can suppress immune system against infection. In long-term use, avoid sudden discontinuation. Long-term use of corticosteroids may cause posterior subcapsular cataract, glaucoma with possibility of optical nerve destruction and may increase fungal and viral secondary ocular infection. Be careful in congestive heart failure patients since Colergis can cause fluid retention.
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