Innovair Caution For Usage


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Caution For Usage
Instructions for Use, Handling and Disposal: Use Innovair with spacer device.
The following steps should be followed: 1. Remove the protective cap off both the puffer and the spacer device.
2. Insert the puffer into the back piece of the spacer device.
3. Put lips around the mouthpiece.
4. When ready, gently exhale. Start to inhale and press the puffer so that the medicine is sprayed in to the spacer. Only press 1 puff at a time.
5. Wait to take another puff of medicine. Check how many puffs the physician instructed the patient to take and how long to wait between puffs.
For patients with weak hands, it may be easier to hold the inhaler with both hands. Therefore, the index fingers should be placed on the top of the inhaler canister and both thumbs on the base of the inhaler.
Patients should rinse their mouth or gargle with water or brush the teeth after inhaling.
Cleaning: For the regular cleaning of the inhaler, patients should remove the cap from the mouthpiece and wipe the outside and inside of the mouthpiece with a dry cloth. Water should not be used or other liquids to clean the mouthpiece.
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