Livamin Dosage/Direction for Use


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Dosage/Direction for Use
Intravenous infusion: Unless otherwise prescribed, 0.7 - 1 g amino acid/kg body weight/day.
In special cases: A reduced dosage ± 0.5 g amino acid/kg body weight/day or with considerably increased requirements up to 1.4 g amino acid/kg body weight/day. This yields 14-20 mL (10-28 mL)/kg body weight/day or approximately 1000-1500 mL (700-2000 mL)/day for patients weighing 70 kg.
Normal infusion rate is 0.1 g amino acid/kg body weight/hour equal with 2 mL/kg body weight/hour or 2.3 mL/minute (45 drops/minute or 500 mL in approximately 3 ¾ hour) for patients weighing 70 kg.
The infusion rate should not exceed 0.15 g amino acid/kg body weight/hour (± 3.5 mL or 70 drops/minute for patients weighing 70 kg).
Non-protein nutritional energy should be given separately at a rate approximately 100-150 kJ (± 25-35 kcal)/kg body weight/day or on special cases where 170 kJ (40 kcal)/kg body weight/day is required preferably via either parenteral or enteral (with feeding tube if necessary), or a combination of the 2 methods.
Vitamin supply should be ensured. If ascites develops, increased diuretic therapy should be considered. Parenteral nutrition should not be applied more than 2 - 3 weeks without control of protein synthesis (i.e., plasma protein assessment, coagulation factors, etc.).
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