Merck Sharp & Dohme
Concise Prescribing Info
Measles, mumps, rubella & varicella (Oka/Merck) virus vaccine live
Vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella & varicella in childn 12 mth-6 yr.
Dosage/Direction for Use
SC Childn 12-23 mth 0.5 mL as a 1st dose. If a 2nd dose of measles, mumps, rubella, & varicella vaccine is needed, ProQuad may be used. This dose is usually administered at 4-6 yr. Administer as SC inj in the deltoid region of the upper arm or in the higher anterolateral area of the thigh.
Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including gelatin. History of anaphylactoid reaction to neomycin. Blood dyscrasias, leukemia, lymphomas of any type, or other malignant neoplasms affecting the bone marrow or lymphatic system. Immunosuppressive therapy (including high-dose corticosteroids). Primary & acquired immunodeficiency states, including immunosuppression in association w/ AIDS or other clinical manifestations of infection w/ HIV; cellular immune deficiencies; & hypo-γ-globulinemic & dys-γ-globulinemic states. Family history of congenital or hereditary immunodeficiency. Active untreated TB. Any active febrile illness w/ fever >38.5°C. Pregnancy (not to be administered to pregnant women; pregnancy should be avoided for 3 mth following vaccination in females of childbearing age).
Special Precautions
Not to be inj intravascularly. Not to be given w/ Ig or varicella-zoster Ig. Hypersensitivity to eggs. History of convulsions, cerebral injury, or any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided. Monitor for temp elevation following vaccination. HIV w/ or w/o evidence of immunosuppression. May not result in protection in all vaccine recipients. Avoid close association w/ high-risk individuals susceptible to varicella (immunocompromised, pregnant women, & newborn infants of mothers w/o documented +ve history of varicella or lab evidence of prior infection) for up to 6 wk following vaccination. Risk of thrombocytopenia; febrile seizures. Post-exposure prophylaxis. May result in temporary depression of tuberculin skin sensitivity (administer tuberculin test any time before, simultaneously w/ or at least 4-6 wk after ProQuad). Childn w/ untreated TB. Lactation. Not recommended in infants <12 mth. Concomitant administration (at separate inj sites) w/ DTaP in childn ≥15 mth.
Adverse Reactions
Fever ≥38.9°C, erythema or pain/tenderness/soreness at inj site. Upper resp infection; irritability; diarrhea, vomiting; rash, measles-like & varicella-like rash; ecchymosis or swelling at inj site, inj site rash.
Drug Interactions
At least 1 mth should elapse between doses of M-M-R II vaccine & ProQuad; or when a 2nd dose of varicella-containing vaccine is required. Concomitant administration w/ Ig may interfere w/ the expected immune response. Defer vaccination at least 3 mth following blood/plasma transfusion or Ig administration. Any Ig including varicella-zoster Ig should not be given for 1 mth after ProQuad administration. Avoid use of salicylates for 6 wk after ProQuad vaccination.
MIMS Class
Vaccines, Antisera & Immunologicals
ATC Classification
J07BD54 - measles, combinations with mumps, rubella and varicella, live attenuated ; Belongs to the class of measles vaccines.
ProQuad lyo powd for inj
(0.5 mL + diluent (vial)) 1's
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