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The nasal spray cleanses and frees the nasal cavities from the presence of antigens and residue of pollen and adheres to the nasal mucus forming a mechanical barrier that prevents contact with the antigens of the pollen, protecting the nasal cells from a relapse of the problem.
ALLERSTOP is a spray for the nose. Its application offers mechanical protection for the nasal mucus by preventing contact with pollen, dust and other types of antigens. It should be used in cases of allergic rhinitis as prevention before the pollen season or at the first signs of a relapse.
Dosage/Direction for Use
ALLERSTOP has a protective effect. In the absence of symptoms, use ALLERSTOP for prevention in the period immediately before the pollen season. At the first signs of allergic rhinitis, use ALLERSTOP regularly with 3-4 applications daily, for the entire duration of the season, in particular before spending time outdoors. The action of ALLERSTOP lasts for about 3 hrs.
Special Precautions
In the case of frequent nosebleeds.
In the case of known pathologies of the nose.
In the case of the simultaneous use of other nasal sprays containing drugs, the physician that prescribed them should be consulted.
Side Effects
During use, there may be some transitory effects eg, a slight irritation to the nasal mucus. This sensation is transitory and generally disappears after a few seconds. Stop using it if these effects become too intense or if the patient have nosebleeds.
Caution For Usage
Instruction for Use and Handling: Insert the nozzle first in the right nostril and then in the left one, press the dispenser firmly with the index finger and thumb, breathing in normally, without bending the patient's head. Repeat the operation in each nostril.
Keep in a cool place at a temperature of not more than 36°C. Protect from sunlight.
MIMS Class
Nasal Decongestants & Other Nasal Preparations
ATC Classification
R01AX - Other nasal preparations ; Used in nasal preparations for topical use.
Nasal spray 30 mL x 1's.
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