Anoro Ellipta

Anoro Ellipta Caution For Usage

umeclidinium + vilanterol




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Caution For Usage
Instructions for use: The following instructions for the 30 dose (30 day supply) inhaler also apply to the 7 dose (7 day supply) inhaler.
The ELLIPTA inhaler contains pre-dispensed doses and is ready to use.
When the patient first uses the Ellipta inhaler the patient does not need to check that it is working properly, and the patient does not need to prepare it for use in any special way. The patient just has to follow the instructions as follows.
The inhaler is packaged in a tray. The patient should be advised to not open the tray until they are ready to inhale a dose. When the patient is ready to use the inhaler, the lid should be peeled back to open the tray. The tray contains a desiccant sachet, to reduce moisture. The desiccant sachet should be thrown away and it should not be open, eaten or inhaled.
The inhaler will be in the 'closed' position when it is first taken out of its sealed tray. The patient should be advised not to open the inhaler until ready to inhale a dose of medicine. The "Discard by" date should be written on the inhaler label in the space provided. The "Discard by" date is 6 weeks from the date of opening the tray. After this date the inhaler should no longer used. The tray can be discarded after first opening.
If the inhaler cover is opened and closed without inhaling the medicinal product, the dose will be lost. The lost dose will be securely held inside the inhaler, but it will no longer be available to be inhaled.
It is not possible to accidentally take extra medicine or a double dose in one inhalation.
a) Prepare a dose: Open the cover when ready to take a dose. The inhaler should not be shaken.
Slide the cover down until a "click" is heard. The medicinal product is now ready to be inhaled.
The dose counter counts down by 1 to confirm. If the dose counter does not count down as the "click" is heard, the inhaler will not deliver a dose and should be taken back to a pharmacist for advice.
The inhaler should not be shaken at any time.
b) How to inhale the medicinal product: The inhaler should be held away from the mouth breathing out as far as is comfortable. But not breathing out into the inhaler.
The mouthpiece should be placed between the lips and the lips should then be closed firmly around it. The air vents should not be blocked with fingers during use.
Inhale with one long, steady, deep breath in. This breath should be held in for as long as possible (at least 3-4 seconds).
Remove the inhaler from the mouth.
Breathe out slowly and gently.
The medicine may not be tasted or felt, even when using the inhaler correctly.
The mouthpiece of the inhaler may be cleaned using a dry tissue before closing the cover.
c) Close the inhaler: Slide the cover upwards as far as it will go, to cover the mouthpiece.
Special precautions for disposal and other handling: Any unused medicinal product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
Incompatibilities: Not applicable.
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