Arnica Comp Gel

Arnica Comp Gel






Full Prescribing Info
Arnica montana ex herba rec ad usum externum, calendula ad usum externum.
100 g Gel contain: Pharmacologically active substances: Arnica montana ex herba rec. ad usum externum (in accordance with German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia = HAB, Specification 12b) 10.0 g, Calendula ad usum externum (in accordance with HAB, Specification 12a) 10.0 g.
Other components: Polyethylene glycol-1000-monohexadecylether, 85% Glycerol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer 980, 26% Ammoniac Solution, Purified Water.
Homeopathically used for minor wounds and to reduce external swelling.
A doctor should be consulted where conditions are persistent, unclear or new, as diseases requiring medical clarification may be involved.
Dosage/Direction for Use
The following directions apply unless the doctor has prescribed Arnica comp. Gel otherwise.
Arnica comp. Gel should be applied over the affected skin areas 1-3 times per day.
Preferably, Arnica comp. Gel should be gently massaged into the area affected, or a Gel-coated compress applied. Do not apply the Gel near the eyes or open skin areas, and avoid contact of the Gel with the eyes and mucous membranes.
No form of medication should be applied over an extended period of time without consulting a doctor. This also applies to Arnica comp. Gel.
Arnica comp. Gel is not to be applied in known cases of a hypersensitivity to Calendula (Marigold), Arnica or other members of the Compositae family, as well as the components listed in the Gel base under Description.
Special Precautions
No special cautionary measures apply when Arnica comp. Gel is properly applied.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Insufficient reliable data. Please ask the doctor for advice before using this medicine.
Adverse Reactions
In very rare cases, allergic skin reactions may occur after application of the Gel.
Important: Existing complaints may appear to become worse when homoeopathic agents are used for the first time (initial aggravation). In such cases, patient should stop using Arnica comp. Gel and consult the doctor.
If any adverse reactions are observed which are not listed in these directions, please inform the physician or pharmacist.
Drug Interactions
No influence of other preparations on the action of Arnica comp. Gel is known up to the present.
General note: A life style, particular habits or the use of luxury goods and stimulants may have an unfavorable influence on the effect of a homoeopathic agent. If patient is taking or applying any other pharmaceutical agents, please ask the doctor about this.
Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.
The expiry date of 5 years is stated on the container. Please do not use the product after this date.
MIMS Class
Surgical Dressings & Wound Care
ATC Classification
M03AC04 - atracurium ; Belongs to the class of other quaternary ammonium-containing agents used as peripherally-acting muscle relaxants.
Arnica Comp topical gel
50 g x 1's
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