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Avaxim 80 U Pediatric: AVAXIM 80 U PEDIATRIC is indicated for active immunisation against infection caused by hepatitis A virus in children aged from 12 months to 15 years inclusive, who are at risk either of contaminating or spreading infection or of a life-threatening disease if infected.
Transmission of the hepatitis A virus usually occurs through the consumption of contaminated water or food. Persons in contact with contaminated subjects are usually infected through oro-fecal routes.
The possibility of transmission through the blood or by sexual contacts (oral-anal relations) has also been proven.
Potential candidates for the vaccine are: travellers to countries where hepatitis A is endemic, especially when travel involves rural or primitive conditions; residents of communities with high endemic rates or recurrent outbreaks of HAV; members of the armed forces, emergency relief workers and others likely to be posted abroad at short notice to areas with high rates of HAV infection; residents and staff of institutions for the developmentally challenged where there is an ongoing problem with HAV transmission; inmates of correctional facilities in which there is an ongoing problem with HAV infection; people with life-style determined risks of infection, including those engaging in oral or intravenous illicit drug use in unsanitary conditions; men who have sex with men; people with chronic liver disease who may not be at increased risk of infection but are at increased risk of fulminant hepatitis A; patients with hemophilia A or B receiving plasma-derived replacement clotting factors; zoo-keepers, veterinarians and researchers who handle non-human primates; certain workers involved in research on hepatitis A virus or production of hepatitis A vaccine.
Avaxim 160 U: This medicinal product is recommended for the prevention of infection caused by hepatitis A virus in adolescents from 16 years of age and in adults. Vaccination against viral hepatitis A is recommended for subjects at risks of exposure to hepatitis A virus including: Non-immunised adolescents from 16 years of age and adults travelling in endemic areas; Adults at risk of contamination through their work: nursery personnel, personnel in residential institutions and homes for handicapped children and young people, sewage and water treatment personnel, food industry and catering personnel; Adolescents from 16 years of age and adults exposed to specific risk: haemophilia, multiple transfusion, IV drug dependency, homosexual practices; Adolescents from 16 years of age and adults chronically infected by Hepatitis B virus.
It does not protect against infection due to other types of hepatitis virus or to other known pathogens of the liver.
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