Axcel Cimetidine

Axcel Cimetidine



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Kotra Pharma
Concise Prescribing Info
Active duodenal, benign gastric, stomal & recurrent ulceration, persistent dyspeptic symptoms w/ or w/o ulceration, NSAID-induced lesions & symptoms, GERD, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, other cases of high gastric secretion, in pancreatic insufficiency as an adjunct to enzyme supplement therapy.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Active ulcer 800 mg as single dose or 400 mg bd for at least 4 wk. Prevention of recurrent ulcer 400 mg. Persistent dyspeptic symptoms w/ or w/o ulceration 200 mg bd. Max duration: 4 wk. NSAID-induced lesion & symptoms 800 mg as single dose or 400 mg bd for at least 4 wk. Maintenance: 400 mg. GERD 800 mg or 400 mg bd; severe cases may require 1.6 g daily in divided doses. Duration of treatment: 12 wk. Heartburn 200 mg qds. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome & other cases of high gastric secretion Individualised dosage. May be given up to 12 g daily. Pancreatic insufficiency as adjunct to enzyme supplement therapy 0.8-1.6 g daily in 4 divided doses. Childn >1 yr 25-30 mg/kg daily in divided doses.
Should be taken with food: Take w/ meals except when used as an adjunct to enzyme supplement in pancreatic insufficiency, take 1-1½ hr before meals.
Special Precautions
History of peptic ulcer. May mask symptoms of gastric cancer. Prolonged treatment. Renal impairment. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Agranulocytosis, headache, myalgia, arthralgia, sinus bradycardia, tachycardia, heart block, reversible impotence.
Drug Interactions
Warfarin, phenytoin, propranolol, nifedipine, chlordizepoxide, diazepam, TCAs, lidocaine, theophylline, metronidazole,
ATC Classification
A02BA01 - cimetidine ; Belongs to the class of H2-receptor antagonists. Used in the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Axcel Cimetidine tab 400 mg
10 × 10 × 10's
Axcel Cimetidine oral susp 200 mg/5 mL
(fruity) 100 mL x 1's
Axcel Cimetidine tab 200 mg
10 × 10 × 10's
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