Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin

Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin



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Full Prescribing Info
One Sterile Collagen Wet Skin in preserving medium containing 96% Isopropyl alcohol.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin is a biological wound dressing acts as a scaffold to skin cell growth. Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin is an easy to handle and semi-transparent with quick and firm adherence to wound area. Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin is able to absorb excess fluid from the wound surface and also promote epithelization and stimulate healthy granulation that leads to rapid effective wound healing.
First and second degree, non-infected burn, superficial and deep dermal wound.
As temporary cover after escharotomy / tangential excision.
Skin donor site wounds.
Skin ulcer (chronic).
Pressure ulcer (shallow).
Leprosy ulcer.
Traumatic wound.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Instruction for Use: Pre-application: Clean and decontaminate the wound thoroughly.
Debride the wounds thoroughly.
Ensure satisfactory haemostasis on skin donor sites.
Application: Remove Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin squeeze gently and rinse thoroughly in a sterile saline, to remove the preserving medium.
Apply Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin firmly on the raw area of the skin for good adhesion and ensure air bubbles are removed.
Avoid overstretching the sheet as it may tear the sheet. Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin may be applied on either surface.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin may be applied on the patient using either surface of the sheet.
Post Application: Option of a secondary dressing is left to the doctor's choice.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin peels off as epithelialization occurs.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin may be moistened with saline to assist removal from skin. Do not forcibly remove the wet sheet.
Note: Repeated dressings may not be required unless Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin is rejected due to underlying pus or complications.
The frequency of application of Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin after cleaning the wound thoroughly will be depending on the healing rate of the wound.
Do not use on patients allergic to bovine derived products.
Do not use on patients with hypersensitivity to collagen.
Special Precautions
This product is to be used under direction of a registered medical practitioner ONLY.
This product is for external use ONLY.
Do not use on infected wounds as it may reject Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin must be thoroughly cleansed from its preserving fluid (96% Isopropanol) prior to application.
Sterility is not guaranteed if the pack is damaged or opened prior to use.
This product is intended for single use only.
Do not put this product under direct sunlight or extreme heat above 30°C as it may have compromised the effectiveness of the product.
Do not apply any ointment or any cream on the site prior to using Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin.
Do not re-sterilize.
Do not use if package is damaged.
Do not reuse.
Keep away from sunlight.
Gamma Irradiation.
Temperature limit (room temperature).
Keep dry.
Store in upright position.
Caution For Usage
Product Disposal: Waste and/or unused product shall be disposed based on the user's clinical waste procedure.
Bio Coll-Skin Wet Skin can be stored at room temperature (<30°C).
ATC Classification
D09AX - Soft paraffin dressings ; Used as medicated dressings.
Dressing 1's, 5's.
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