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Caution For Usage
Handling precautions: As with all antineoplastic agents, trained personnel should prepare Carboplatin Injection. This should be performed in a designated area (preferably a cytotoxic laminar flow cabinet). Protective gown, mask, gloves and appropriate eye protection should be worn when handling carboplatin. Where solution accidentally contacts skin or mucosa, the affected area should be immediately washed thoroughly with soap and water. It is recommended that pregnant personnel not handle cytotoxic agents such as carboplatin.
Luer-Lock fitting syringes are recommended. Large bore needles are recommended to minimise pressure and possible formation of aerosols. Aerosols may also be reduced by using a venting needle during preparation.
Items used to prepare carboplatin, or articles associated with body waste, should be disposed of by placing in a double sealed polythene bag and incinerating at 1100ºC.
Spills and disposal: If spills occur, restrict access to the affected area. Wear two pairs of gloves (latex rubber), a respirator mask, a protective gown and safety glasses. Limit the spread of the spill by covering with a suitable material such as absorbent towel or adsorbent granules. Spills may also be treated with 3M sulphuric acid with 0.3M potassium permanganate (2:1) or 5% sodium hypochlorite. Collect up absorbent/ adsorbent material and other debris from spill and place in a leak proof plastic container and label accordingly. Cytotoxic waste should be regarded as hazardous or toxic and clearly labelled 'CYTOTOXIC WASTE FOR INCINERATION AT 1100ºC'. Waste material should be incinerated at 1100ºC for at least 1 second. Cleanse the remaining spill area with copious amounts of water.
Incompatibilities: Carboplatin interacts with the aluminium containing components of needles, syringes, catheters and intravenous administration sets to form a black precipitate so these items should not be used for the administration of carboplatin injections.
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