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Dosage/Direction for Use
The recommended dosage for previously untreated adults (with normal renal function) is 400mg /m2 as a single intravenous infusion over 15-60 minutes. Dilutions may be made in Glucose 5% Intravenous Infusion to concentrations as low as 0.1 mg/mL. The product and admixture contain no antimicrobial agent. In order to reduce microbiological hazards it is recommended that further dilution should be effected immediately prior to use and infusion commenced as soon as practicable after preparation of the admixture. Infusion should be completed within 24 hours of preparation and any residue discarded.
Therapy should not be repeated again until four weeks have elapsed.
In patients with risk factors, such as previous myelosuppressive therapy or in the aged, the initial dosage may need to be reduced by 20-25%.
Determination of the haematological nadir by weekly blood counts is recommended for adjusting future doses and scheduling of carboplatin therapy.
Renal Impairment: As carboplatin is excreted by the kidney and is nephrotoxic, the optimum dosage should be determined by frequent monitoring of the haematological nadir and renal function.
The suggested dosage schedule for patients with impaired renal function based on creatinine clearance is: (See table.)

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Paediatric: Insufficient information is available to make specific recommendations.
Combination Therapy: Carboplatin has been used in combination with other antineoplastic agents and the dosage varies according to the protocol used.
Dosage adjustments should be made according to the treatment regimen adopted and the results obtained from haematological monitoring.
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