Zuellig Pharma


Concise Prescribing Info
Erectile dysfunction in adult males due to neurogenic, vasculogenic, psychogenic or mixed aetiology. Adjunct to other diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Erectile dysfunction of neurogenic origin secondary to spinal cord injury Initially 1.25 mcg, then 2.5 mcg as 2nd dose, followed by 5 mcg as 3rd dose. May be increased in increments of 5 mcg until optimal dose is achieved. Erectile dysfunction of vasculogenic, psychogenic or mixed aetiology Initially 2.5 mcg, then 5 mcg as 2nd dose (partial response) & 7.5 mcg if no response. May be increased in increments of 5-10 mcg until optimal dose is achieved. Max therapy: Not >once daily & not >3 times wkly. Aid to aetiology diagnosis Subject w/o evidence of neurological dysfunction 20 mcg. Subject w/ erectile dysfunction due to neurological disease/trauma Initially 5 mcg, not to exceed 10 mcg.
Hypersensitivity. Conditions predisposing to priapism eg, sickle cell anemia or trait, multiple myeloma or leukaemia. Anatomical penis deformation eg, angulation, cavernosal fibrosis or Peyronie's disease. Patients w/ penile implants. Men w/ inadvisable sexual activity.
Special Precautions
Discontinue use if penile angulation, cavernosal fibrosis or Peyronie's disease develops. Not a protection against STD transmission. Transient ischaemic attacks or unstable CV disorders; CHD, CHF or pulmonary disease. History of psychiatric disorder or addiction. Hypersensitivity reactions due to benzyl alcohol. Not to be co-administered w/ any other agent for erectile dysfunction. Concomitant use of warfarin or heparin.
Adverse Reactions
Penile pain. Muscle spasms; increased erection, Peyronie's disease, penis disorder; inj site haematoma, haematoma, ecchymosis.
Drug Interactions
Potential for inducing prolonged erections w/ drugs for erectile dysfunction eg, sildenafil, papaverine. Reduced effects w/ sympathomimetics. Enhanced effects of antithypertensives, vasodilative agents, anticoagulants & platelet aggregation inhibitors.
MIMS Class
Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction & Ejaculatory Disorders
ATC Classification
G04BE01 - alprostadil ; Belongs to the class of drugs used in erectile dysfunction.
Caverject powd for inj 20 mcg
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