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Concise Prescribing Info
Medroxyprogesterone acetate
Contraception, endometriosis, menopausal vasomotor symptoms; hormonally-dependent, recurrent breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Adjunctive &/or palliative treatment of recurrent &/or metastatic endometrial or renal carcinoma.
Dosage/Direction for Use
IM Contraception 150 mg every 3 mth. Endometriosis 50 mg wkly or 100 mg every 2 wk for at least 6 mth. Menopausal vasomotor symptoms 150 mg every 12 wk. Recurrent &/or metastatic endometrial or renal cancer Initially 400-1,000 mg wkly then maintain at 400 mg mthly. Hormonally-dependent, recurrent breast cancer in postmenopausal women Initially 500 mg daily for 28 days then maintain at 500 mg twice wkly.
Hypersensitivity. Undiagnosed vag bleeding. Severe hepatic dysfunction. Known or suspected breast malignancy & pregnancy.
Special Precautions
Not a protection against HIV infection or other STDs. Not recommended in patients w/ history of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Unexpected vag bleeding, degree of fluid retention, history of clinical depression treatment, diabetic patients; diplopia, sudden partial or complete loss of vision, proptosis; loss of bone mineral density; osteoporotic risk factors eg, chronic alcoholism/tobacco use, chronic use of drugs reducing bone mass eg, anticonvulsants or corticosteroids, low BMI, eating disorder eg, anorexia nervosa or bulimia, metabolic bone disease, strong family history of osteoporis; breast & ovarian cancer; increased risk of CV events eg, MI, CHD, stroke, VTE; CAD; stroke; pulmonary embolism; dementia. Ensure adequate calcium & vit D intake. Hepatic insufficiency. Lactation. Pre-menarche childn.
Adverse Reactions
Nervousness; headache; abdominal pain & discomfort, nausea; increased/decreased wt; dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Depression, decreased libido, insomnia; dizziness, tremors; abdominal distention, vomiting, constipation; alopecia, acne, rash, urticaria, pruritus, hyperhidrosis; back pain; vag & cervical discharge, breast tenderness & pain, erectile dysfunction; fluid retention/oedema, asthenia, pyrexia, fatigue, inj site reaction, persistent atrophy/indentation/dimpling; drug hypersensitivity; increased appetite.
ATC Classification
G03AC06 - medroxyprogesterone ; Belongs to the class of progestogens. Used as systemic contraceptives.
Depo-Provera susp for inj 150 mg/3 mL
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