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Dosage/Direction for Use
Reconstitution: 1 scoop is approximately 5 grams. To prepare 200 mL of follow-up formula, add 6 scoops (approximately 30 g) to 180 mL of water.
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This feeding table serves as a guidance only. Please consult a health professional pertaining to the infant's feeding. Complementary food should be given to infants at 6 months of age.
Note: 1 levelled scoop is approx. 5 grams.
Preparation Instruction: In the interest of the baby's health, follow the following instructions: 1. Place cleaned utensils into the water. Ensure utensils awash completely and no air bubbles are trapped.
2. Cover the pot and bring to boil. Ensure the water in the pot does not dry out.
3. Wash hands with soap and water before preparing milk.
4. Read label instructions on correct mix of milk and water. Wrong mixture could make infants ill.
5. Pour boiled water with the correct measurement into a cleaned and sterilised milk bottle. The temperature for the preparation of the formula should not be less than 70°C. For preparation at home, the temperature can be determined by leaving the water in room temperature for not more than 30 minutes. If a thermometer is used, a cleaned and sterilised non-mercury thermometer should be used. Be cautious as to avoid any burns.
*Water temperature will vary, depending on the preparation method of every formula.
6. Add the exact amount of formula to the water in the bottle.
7. Mix thoroughly by swirling the bottle.
8. Cool to feeding temperature by holding it under cold running tap water. Make sure the level of the cooling water is below the lid of the bottle to avoid contamination.
9. Check the temperature of the feed by dripping a little onto the inside of the wrist. Feed when milk is lukewarm.
10. Discard unfinished milk that has not been consumed within 1 hour.
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