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Drug Interactions
Interactions of IPC with tetracycline or aluminium hydroxide were investigated in 3 human studies (crossover design, 22 patients per study). No significant reduction in the absorption of tetracycline was observed. The plasma tetracycline concentration did not fall below the level necessary for efficacy. Iron absorption from IPC was not reduced by aluminium hydroxide or tetracycline Iron(III) hydroxide polymaltose complex can therefore be administered at the same time as tetracycline or other phenolic compounds, as well as aluminium hydroxide.
Studies in rats with tetracycline, aluminium hydroxide, acetylsalicylate, sulphasalazine, calcium carbonate, calcium acetate and calcium phosphate in combination with vitamin D3, bromazepam, magnesium aspartate, D-penicillamine, methyldopa, paracetamol and auranofin have not shown any interactions with IPC.
Similarly, no interactions with food constituents such as phytic acid, oxalic acid, tannin, sodium alginate, choline and choline salts, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E, soya oil and soya flour were observed in in vitro studies with IPC. These results suggest that IPC can be taken during or immediately after food intake.
The haemoccult test (selective for Hb) for the detection of occult blood is not impaired and therefore there is no need to interrupt iron therapy.
Concomitant administration of parenteral and oral iron is not recommended since the absorption or oral iron would be inhibited and parenteral iron preparations may only be used if oral treatment is not suitable.
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