Concise Prescribing Info
Management of acute & chronic anterior uveitis, iridocyclitis, iritis & cyclitis, herpes zoster ophthalmicus & certain external diseases eg, phylctenular, keratoconjunctivitis, nonpurulent conjunctivitis including vernal, allergic, catarrhal. Recurrent marginal ulceration of toxic or allergic etiology. Thermal & chemical burns. Post-op to reduce inflammatory reactions.
Dosage/Direction for Use
1-2 drops into conjunctival sac. Severe or acute inflammation Initially every 30-60 min, may be decreased to every 2-4 hr. Further reduce to 1 drop tds-qds if sufficient to control inflammation. Chronic inflammation Every 3-6 hr or as needed. Allergies or minor inflammation Every 3-4 hr until desired response is obtained.
Hypersensitivity. Acute, untreated bacterial infections. Herpes simplex keratitis, vaccinia, varicella & other viral cornea or conjunctiva infections. Fungal diseases of ocular structures. Mycobacterial ocular infections.
Special Precautions
Discontinue use if fungal infection occurs. Predisposed patients eg, diabetes & patients treated w/ CYP3A4 inhibitors. Cushing's syndrome &/or adrenal suppression. Patients w/ persistent corneal ulceration. Diseases causing cornea or sclera thinning & perforation. Avoid contact w/ soft contact lenses. Avoid abrupt discontinuation. Remove contact lens prior to application & wait 15 min before reinsertion. Prolonged use. Concomitant use w/ topical NSAIDs. May affect ability to drive & use machines. Not to be used in childn.
Adverse Reactions
Ocular discomfort.
Drug Interactions
Increased potential for corneal healing problems w/ topical NSAIDs. Increased systemic exposure w/ CYP3A4 inhibitors eg, ritonavir & cobicistat.
MIMS Class
Eye Corticosteroids
ATC Classification
S01BA01 - dexamethasone ; Belongs to the class of corticosteroids. Used in the treatment of inflammation of the eye.
Maxidex ophth susp 0.1 %
5 mL x 1's
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