Paralgin/Paralgin Forte

Paralgin/Paralgin Forte

paracetamol + codeine




Concise Prescribing Info
Per Paralgin tab Paracetamol 500 mg, codeine phosphate hemihydrate 8 mg. Per Paralgin Forte Paracetamol 400 mg, codeine phosphate sesquihydrate 30 mg
Relief of headache, dysmenorrhea, musculoskeletal pain, myalgia & neuralgia. Analgesic after dental work & tooth extractions. Analgesic & antipyretic in conditions accompanied by discomfort & fever eg, common cold & viral infection.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult 1-2 tab every 4-6 hr. Childn 12-18 yr 1 tab up to qds.
Hypersensitivity. Patients known to be CYP2D6 ultra-rapid metabolisers. Acute hepatitis. Lactation. Paed patients 0-18 yr who have undergone tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome; childn <12 yr.
Special Precautions
Discontinue use if severe skin reactions or serotonin syndrome occurs. Resp depression, patients w/ underlying resp conditions eg, asthma & other chronic breathing problems. Adrenal insufficiency. Caucasian patients. Abuse & dependence. High-dose & long-term use. Not to be taken w/ other paracetamol-containing medicines. Concomitant use w/ benzodiazepines & serotonergic drugs. May affect ability to drive & use machines. Renal or hepatic impairment, Avoid use during 3rd trimester of pregnancy & during labor. Not to be used during lactation. Post-op use in childn after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy for obstructive sleep apnoea. Not recommended in childn 12-18 yr w/ compromised resp function. Not to be used in childn <12 yr.
Adverse Reactions
Mild drowsiness, constipation, biliary dyskinesia. Cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions. Serotonin syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, androgen deficiency, infertility.
Drug Interactions
Additive pharmacologic effect w/ benzodiazepines. Serotonin syndrome w/ serotonergic drugs eg, SSRIs, SNRIs, TCAs, triptans, 5-HT3 receptor antagonists, mirtazapine, trazodone, tramadol, MAOIs. Increased activity of coumarin anticoagulant. Potentiated effect of alcohol & other central depressive drugs.
MIMS Class
Analgesics (Non-Opioid) & Antipyretics / Analgesics (Opioid)
ATC Classification
N02AJ06 - codeine and paracetamol ; Belongs to the class of opioids in combination with other non-opioid analgesics. Used to relieve pain.
Paralgin Forte tab
2 × 15's;60 × 15's
Paralgin tab
100 × 10's
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