Zuellig Pharma
Concise Prescribing Info
Reduction of maternal-foetal transmission rate of HIV. Syr: In combination w/ other antiretroviral agents for treatment of HIV. IV infusion: Short-term management of serious manifestations of HIV infection in patients w/ AIDS who are unable to take oral formulations.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Prevention of maternal-foetal transmission of HIV Pregnant women >14 wk of gestation 500 mg daily until beginning of labour. During labour & delivery: 2 mg/kg IV over 1 hr followed by continuous IV infusion at 1 mg/kg/hr until umbilical cord is clamped. Newborn infant 2 mg/kg orally every 6 hr w/in 12 hr after birth up to 6 wk. Severe renal impairment 300-400 mg daily. Patient w/ end-stage renal disease maintained on haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis 100 mg every 6-8 hr. Syr In combination w/ other antiretrovirals Adult & adolescent at least 30 kg 250 or 300 mg bd. Childn at least 9 kg & <30 kg 9 mg/kg bd, not to exceed 300 mg bd, at least 4 kg & <9 kg 12 mg/kg bd. IV infusion Adult & adolescent >12 yr 1 or 2 mg/kg every 4 hr. Childn 3 mth-12 yr 80-160 mg/m2 every 6 hr. Newborn infant unable to receive oral dose 1.5 mg/kg IV infused over 30 min every 6 hr.
May be taken with or without food.
Hypersensitivity. Abnormally low neutrophil counts (<0.75 x 109/L) or Hb levels (<7.5 g/dL or 4.65 mmol/L).
Special Precautions
Opportunistic infections & neoplasms. Lactic acidosis & severe hepatomegaly w/ steatosis. Lipoatrophy; immune reconstitution syndrome. Patients co-infected w/ HCV. Manage serum lipids & blood glucose. Monitor haematological parameters. Known risk factors for liver disease. Pregnancy & lactation. Childn <3 mth. Elderly >65 yr. IV infusion: Not to be given IM. Latex allergy.
Adverse Reactions
Headache, nausea. Anaemia, neutropenia, leucopenia; hyperlactataemia; dizziness; vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea; raised blood levels of liver enzyme & bilirubin; myalgia; malaise.
Drug Interactions
Decreased metabolism rate by atovaquone. Reduced absorption by clarithromycin. Increased Cmax w/ lamivudine. Lowered phenytoin blood levels. Increased mean t½ & AUC by probenecid. Decreased AUC w/ rifampicin. Inhibited intracellular phosphorylation of stavudine. Altered metabolism by aspirin, codeine, morphine, methadone, indomethacin, ketoprofen, naproxen, oxazepam, lorazepam, cimetidine, clofibrate, dapsone & isoprinosine. Increased risk of adverse reactions w/ potentially nephrotoxic or myelosuppressive drugs.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
J05AF01 - zidovudine ; Belongs to the class of nucleoside and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Used in the systemic treatment of viral infections.
Retrovir inj 10 mg/mL
20 mL x 5 × 1's
Retrovir syr 50 mg/5 mL
200 mL x 1's
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