Salofalk Overdosage





DCH Auriga
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Tablet: Even following ingestion at high dose, no symptoms of intoxication should be expected because of the substance-specific pharmacokinetic properties of mesalazine. Symptoms similar to those known in salicylate intoxication should be in principle occur. However, since higher absorption rates do not occur at high mesalazine doses, intoxication is unlikely.
Granules: There are rare data on overdosage (e.g. intended suicide with high oral doses of mesalazine), which do not indicate renal or hepatic toxicity. There is no specific antidote and treatment is symptomatic and supportive.
Suppository/Enema: Owing to the biopharmaceutical properties of Salofalk suppository/enema and the substance-specific pharmacokinetic properties of mesalazine, only small amounts of the active principle are available for systemic action. For this reason, signs of intoxication are thus not to be reckoned with even when very high doses are taken. In principle, similar symptoms would have to occur to those which are familiar in salicylate intoxications: Mixed acidosis-alkalosis, hyperventilation, pulmonary oedema, dehydration by sweating and vomiting, hypoglycaemia.
Treatment: In Mixed Acidosis-Alkalosis: Restoration of the acid-base equilibrium in accordance with the situation, electrolyte substitution.
In dehydration by sweating and vomiting: Fluid administration.
In Hypoglycaemia: Glucose administration.
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